Rwenzori Mountains Park 669

The Rwenzori Park is a splendid world of ice and snow, with its massive ice-rime sculptures and mind-boggling vegetation, and arguably surpasses other afro-alpine areas in its beauty, wonder and interest to mountaineering enthusiasts. This park, covering 996 sq. kms. provides a magnificent environment for both experienced climbers and casual day hikers. These legendary mountains exhibit spectacular scenic beauty and provide a unique habitat for many rare and indigenous plants and animals.

The Highest mountain in the range, Mt. Stanley, is the third highest in Africa after Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya. Its highest peak, Margharita, rises 5109 m above sea level. The giant lobelia and the groundsell are hallmarks of the Rwenzori. All of the above make this park an unforgettable visitor destination.

Decreasing temperature with increasing altitude have resulted in marked zoning of vegetation, which is of great interest to scientists and a delightful experience for visitors. In fact, more people visit the Rwenzori to explore and experience the fascinating vegetation than to climb the peaks and glaciers.

The usual trip lasts not less than 6 days, just long enough to hike the Central Circuit Trail. Longer and shorter trips can be arranged. No special climbing equipment is necessary unless you intend to climb one of the summits. However, hiking the trails is arduous work, and weather conditions are unpredictable and rainy. The driest months are July, August and December, January and February. Hiking should be undertaken only by the physical fit.