Murchison Fall National Park 601

Murchison Falls N.P. is the largest park in Uganda, covering over 400 sq. kms since the inclusion of the adjoining game reserve. It is one of the most spectacular parks in Africa. Renowned for its scenic beauty and the spectacular waterfalls from which it gets name. MFNP has abundant Flora and Fauna to delight the visitor. From rolling savannah and tall grasslands to thick bush and woodlands, the diversity of this park never ceases to amaze.

Muchison falls
No visit to Murchison Falls would be complete without a visit to the magnificent waterfalls. They can be viewed from the top where the Nile River narrows from 50 metres to crash through a 7 metre gorge, falling 45 metres to the rocks below. The three-hour cruise to the base of the Falls is unforgettable. One can experience the majesty of the Nile while onboard, viewing exuberant wildlife along the banks.

The more adventurous traveller may want to hike the trails around the waterfalls, while the avid birdwatcher will want to seek out some of the 424-species identified in the park. Fishermen can test their skills above and below the Falls, waiting patiently for 20-7kg. Nile Perch. Other game fish found in the Nile include Barbel, electric Catfish and Tiger fish.

On game drives Cape buffaloes, Rothschild's giraffe, Uganda kob, hartebeest and waterbuck are commonly seen. You may also spot oribi, bushbuck, Bohor reedbuck, shy sitatunga, bush duiker, warthog and bushpig.

Large carnivores include lion, leopard and spotted hyena. Chimpanzees head the list of six species of primates found in the park. Crocodile and hippo will be seen along the banks of the Nile. Some of the more common birds that can be included Goliath heron, Egyptian geese, pelican, bee-eaters, kingfishers, hornbill, cormorant, saddle-bill stork and the rare shoebill stork. A boat cruise to the delta is a highlight for the avid birdwatcher.

White water rafting above the Falls and flat water canoeing on the placid Nile below the Falls may be of interest to the adventure traveller.