Mafia Island 598

Mafia Island is the quintessential scuba divers retreat. A small island just off the mainland, it was rather inaccessible until recently when scheduled charter flights began. With only two tourist lodges on the island, you can rest assured that you will not be confronted with an influx of tourists fighting for space on the beach! It is an island retreat for beach lovers, diving enthusiasts and big game fishermen alike.

Mafia Island
The Chole Bay is Mafia's protected deep water anchorage and marine park. Just outside the bay, along the length of the island, runs an unbroken reef boasting some of the most spectacular and colourful coral gardens in the world. The Mchangari vertical wall just outside the bay drops from 5 meters to 25 meters, and is famous for its range of big fish and sharks (especially between the months of November and January for sharks).

The variety of areas to explore on the Island make it ideal for seasoned and novice divers alike.Big game fish caught here include marlin, shark, kingfish, tunny, dolphin and wahoo which are one of the finest fighters. Then there are the brightly colored damsel angel and lion fish. Under water life also includes crabs, squirts, starfish and shells in their iridescence.

Mafia is the ideal place for those wishing for perfect tranquility added to big game fishing, deep-sea diving or snorkeling.

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