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  • Therése Ringström
    Therése Ringström
    October Thu, 2018

    The Best Adventure of my life

    We were three of us, in different ages, that booked the 6 days Kilimanjaro climb, the Marengue route. Everything was amazing. Got a very nice and friendly pick up at the airport of Evans himself. He really takes very good care of his clients and make sure that everything is to satisfaction. During the climb we were really well taken care of. We had the best guides that took our personal conditions in consideration through the whole climb. That in combination with really much and real tasty food is what took us all to Uhuru Peak, The roof of Africa. We had a crew of twelve and they were all great happy people. This is an adventure I will never forget. The mountain, beautiful Kilimanjaro, and the whole crew, you will always be in my heart.

  • LouveniaJuicy
    July Wed, 2018

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  • Jeff Hejlik
    Jeff Hejlik
    March Tue, 2018

    The vacation we had with Evans Adventure was incredible.  The 3 day safari before our 6 day Kilimanjaro climb then to Zanzibar was a perfect combination of the Tanzanian experience.  Seeing every wild animal in its environment, having an award ceremony with cake for peaking Kilimanjaro, to competition dancing with the Maasai tribe.  Brother Evans put the right people with us for guiding like Rodin, Eric, and Hebron.  They stuck with us when we got through some altitude difficulties and gave us the perfect advice throughout our safari and climb.  I already have recommended this Adventure company and will again.  Thank you for a memorable vacation…

  • Per Kristian
    Per Kristian
    March Sat, 2018


    My friends, family and I booked a Kilimanjaro trip through Evans Adventures. We climbed in late February, 2018 and it was amazing. We choose the Machame route, for 7 days (6 nights).  The company were really helpful and provided all needed transport, some extra climbing gear, and also set us up on a really nice hotel the days before and after the climb (Kilimanjaro Wonders Hotel).

    During the climb we were a group of 5, and Evans provided a really nice and professional crew of 22 people with us. They made the journey extra special, as they provided excellent service, help and support. Tents, food, guides, everything was really nice and we all would gladly recommend Evans Adventures for anyone interested.

    Best regards everyone, and get climbing!
    Per Kristian // Norway

  • Bryant (USA)
    Bryant (USA)
    January Tue, 2018

    If you’re looking for a trusted, local Tanzanian operator to take you to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, I recommend Evans Adventures. Evans himself picked me up at the airport and met me at the gate after I finished my climb. The team of porters, cook, and guide took good care of me during my trek and I was provided with very nice (new) equipment. I highly recommend the private toilet as an added comfort. Finally, I had some last minute complications on my side with the timing of the start of my trek and Evans was very accommodating and flexible, honoring the original agreed upon price even though I caused some inconveniences to him, through no fault of his own. I was very appreciative of this.

  • Anja
    June Thu, 2017

    I highly recommend Evans Adventure to anyone planning a safari trip.

    My family and I have traveled extensively to many different countries in South America, Europe, Asia…this was our very first trip to Africa and we are so glad not only that we picked Tanzania, but that we chose Evans Adventures. Our 11 day safari trip with Rodin as our guide was honestly one of the best travel experiences my family has ever had, and definitely the best tour experience. We were taken care of by Evans and Rodin from the moment we landed to when we departed and did not have to worry about a single thing.

    Having never traveled to any African country before, I was very unsure about which tour operator to book with and whether or not it would be safe and trustworthy. Thankfully, I heard about Evans Adventures from a friend who toured with them last year. From the very first email to when we returned home after the trip, it was very easy to communicate with Evans and he was extremely responsive to our needs and concerns. Evans Adventures not only made us feel welcome, but also very safe. 

    Our trip was spectacular! We were pleasantly surprised by the lodgings that Evans booked for us and very happy with Rodin’s decision-making and driving. Countless times on safari Rodin would stop the car and point out wildlife that other drivers had missed and driven by. We saw all of the Big 5 and more! Every day on safari was exciting and filled with new animals, new experiences, and new environments. For such a long safari trip, we never got bored or felt that things were getting repetitive. Rodin really worked hard to make every moment and day exciting.

    Evans and Rodin really went above and beyond in making sure that my family and I felt taken care of and enjoyed ourselves. Their service is exceptional and they are so warm and welcoming. I look forward to returning to Tanzania and touring with them again!

  • Anna Pieschl
    Anna Pieschl
    April Sat, 2017

    Jambo Mambo!

    I would like to thank Evans and his crew for excellence service and well planned tour on Mt. Kilimanjaro, Machame route. I don’t usually leave comments but after this trip I felt that I had to. We had an amazing 6 day trip. We felt very well cared for at all times. The guides Erik and Deos were exceptional and delightful as well as all the porters. This company is a true Tanzanian experience – warm hospitality, very knowledgeable and reasonable. Everything from scheduling, to equipment, the people we met and the service we got was nothing but great! I will definitely recommend Evans to friends planning on doing a similar trip. Thanks again for making our trip to such memorable experience.

    Best regards,
    Anna Sweden

  • Brian
    April Mon, 2017

    Our experience with Evans Adventures was amazing and unforgettable. I don’t typically write reviews but after a week with these guys I felt like I needed to, and their company doesn’t show up right away on google so they’re a valuable secret that you don’t want to pass up. Evans offers you a personalized experience and you get the opportunity to support local Tanzanians over the larger travel companies that are typically owned by foreigners—many of whom have not even summited the mountain.

    We came into Moshi to climb Kilimanjaro without anything booked ahead of time, but a friend had highly recommended Evans to us—she had used them for Kilimanjaro and several safaris in the past and said they were great, a local outfit, and you’d develop genuine friendships with the guides and porters. All of this was true.

    We called Evans on a Sunday morning, he answered immediately and offered to meet us at our hostel within 20 minutes. He arrived promptly and patiently talked us through our trekking options and we decided to take the 7-day Machame route. He answered every question we asked and has a very calm, patient demeanor—just a genuine cool guy you’d like to go out and have a smoke or a beer with.

    The rest of that day Evans drove us around town and arranged our groceries and supplies while we prepared ourselves. That evening he and the two guides who would be taking us up met us at our hostel and had us try on all the necessary equipment for the climb that we hadn’t packed (he supplied it all free of charge). Evans even came back to our place once more that evening to ensure that our hiking boots fit properly. It was really nice meeting our guides ahead of time so there were no surprises the next day about who we’d be going up with and what they would be like. Our guides were legit, affable, and easy to get along with from the very beginning—no awkwardness from the start which we appreciated considering we’d be with these guys for the next week.

    Throughout the trek we had a team of incredibly dedicated and warm porters, a cook, tent engineers, personal server, and two guides to take us through Machame and up to Kilimanjaro. We are budget travelers and didn’t request any special frills or additional luxuries, but we constantly felt pampered and spoiled (even a bit guilty) by the special treatment our team provided us: coffee served to us in our tents at the start of every morning, hot beverages, snacks, and tents prepared ahead of time when we arrived at camp at the end of every day’s trek, three delicious, balanced meals in a private mess tent, a private bathroom (no other companies had this to our knowledge), and even an unexpected bottle of red wine to celebrate our successful summit at the end of our very last night.

    Our tour guides (the Rutta brothers) were extremely genuine, conversational, and experienced (Rutta was a park ranger and he literally climbed Kilimanjaro over 500 times…both were certified badasses). Every night they walked us through what we’d be doing and how to dress each day, regularly checked on our health to ensure we weren’t showing signs of altitude sickness, and constantly dedicated themselves to our success, comfort, and safety. When we wanted some space on the trail to walk in solitude they gave it to us, but also always were nearby to guide us and keep us on a safe pace.

    We walked away profoundly happy with our time on the mountain and the bonds we made with our team—which really made the experience what it was. Couldn’t recommend these guys strongly enough, they’re great and their rates are competitive and fair—especially when you consider that half of what you pay goes to the national park fees alone and not the company. Keep in mind: any company that charges lower rates is going to do so by slashing their porters and guides’ wages. And with the amount of work these guys put in to carry and set up all the stuff you need, you’ll recognize that they deserve as much as they can get.

    Hands down the best trekking company we’ve ever been with. He even gave us polo shirts the day after our trek and offered to drive us around town wherever we needed to go; just for the hell of it. Highly recommend.

  • Mounir
    October Sat, 2016

    Was soll man sagen? Solch eine Safari macht man nur einmal im Leben und Evans sorgte dafür, dass sie unvergesslich bleibt. Von Beginn an klappte die Organisation hervorragend. Er stellte sich ganz auf unsere Wünsche ein, beriet uns aber auch und stellte hochprofessionell ein Programm zusammen, das einfach nur toll war. Dazu hatte er einen Fahrerguide, Rodin, für uns abgestellt, der einfach der Wahnsinn war. Rodin, DANKE! Ein Goldschatz, der in einer Woche zu einem echten Freund wurde. Dazu fuhr er umwerfend und wusste immer alles. Wir waren anfangs skeptisch, aus Deutschland mit einem tansanischen Veranstalter zusammenzukommen. Was für ein Humbug. Bei Evans und Rodin fühlten wir uns wie bei Freunden. Einfach nur toll und nochmals: thanks, thanks, thanks! Wir können beide nur wärmstens weiterempfehlen.

  • Abby Samerigo
    Abby Samerigo
    September Tue, 2016


    Evans Adventures Safaris gave us the Best Experience of a lifetime recently.  We trecked Mt. KILIMANJARO on the Machame Route for 7 days! From the time we arrived, to the day we left…they took Great care of us, and were as friendly as ever!  The climb was hard, but so beautiful to be apart of!  The family of Porters, Cooks, and Guides made it so memorable.  Their patience, kindness, and encouragement helped us enjoy our journey and get to the Summit.  Juma especially I am very grateful for!  He was my right hand man for my entire trek and was very patient with me! And The food…Always delicious!!!  They fed us well!!!  They have forever impacted my heart and I will never forget them!  I will come back and do this again one day!

    Thank you, Evans for the best Experience of Lifetime!

  • Bhooshan Urva
    Bhooshan Urva
    July Tue, 2016

    Our family of four completed a 8 day hike up Kilimanjaro via Lemosho route and followed that with a 6 day Safari covering Tarangire, Serengeti, Ngorongoro and lake Manyara.  Evans Advanture Safaris took care of every little detail.  We lost a bagful of clothes when we reached the Kilimanjaro airport.  Evans followed up and once the bag was located,  sent it up the mountain to our campsite.  That saved a whole lot of headache for us.  Our guide Ruta and assistant guide Alfred were fabulous.  They encouraged us every step of the way.  The whole team was instrumental in making sure we reached the summit.  We couldn’t have been happier.

    Our safari was very memorable.  Rodin was very knowledgeable guide and a superb driver.  We had the good fortune of spotting all the big 5 and many more.  The lodges were very nice, food was great.  We thoroughly enjoyed the six day safari.

    I was extremely pleased with the service and value that Evans adventure Safaris offered.  I highly recommend it.

  • Veit
    July Sun, 2016

    Wir haben im Juni 2016 unsere Hochzeitsreise nach Tansania über Evans unternommen. Es war eine perfekt Reise, vor allem dank Evans toller und reibungsloser Organisation sowie unserem wunderbaren Guide Ruben. Wir hatten eine Safari über 5 Tage zu zweit mit Camping von Moshi über Lake Manyara in die Serengeti und zum Ngorongoro Krater. danach waren wir noch eine Woche aus Sansibar mit Gewürztour und Stonetown Tour.

    Wir können Evans und das Team nur aufs Wärmste empfehlen. Wir haben von der ersten Email bis zur Abreise aus Sansibar uns immer perfekt betreut gefühlt und hatten dadurch die Chance, dieses einmalige Land mit seiner Natur, seinen Tieren, aber auch vor allem mit seinen wunderbaren Menschen kennenzulernen. Danke dafür! Wir kommen wieder!

  • Bhooshan Urva
    Bhooshan Urva
    July Sat, 2016

    Our family of four completed a 8 day hike up Kilimanjaro via Lemosho route and followed that with a 6 day Safari covering Tarangire, Serengeti, Ngorongoro and lake Manyara.  Evans Advanture Safaris took care of every little detail.  We lost a bagful of clothes when we reached the Kilimanjaro airport.  Evans followed up and once the bag was located,  sent it up the mountain to our campsite.  That saved a whole lot of headache for us.  Our guide Ruta and assistant guide Alfred were fabulous.  They encouraged us every step of the way.  The whole team was instrumental in making sure we reached the summit.  We couldn’t have been happier.

    Our safari was very memorable.  Rodin was very knowledgeable guide and a superb driver.  We had the good fortune of spotting all the big 5 and many more.  The lodges were very nice, food was great.  We thoroughly enjoyed the six day safari.

    I was extremely pleased with the service and value that Evans adventure Safaris offered.  I highly recommend it.

  • Elaine
    June Mon, 2016

    We are a group of 6 people from Hong Kong who went on a Safari trip with Evans Adventure in April 2016. It was a 4 days 3 nights trip and Evans had been very considerate in helping us organising accommodations and transportations before and after the Safari as well. The trip has been a really memorable one. Our guide - Rodin was really nice and helpful. We all enjoyed our trip a lot and this is sure an experience we would never forget. Do not hesitate to go on a Safari with Evans Adventure! The service you receive and the animals you see surely worths the money. I am sure you won’t regret it!
    To people from Hong Kong: 這間公司有很好的導遊和司機,安排的行程也完善,是一個難忘的經歷,推薦這間公司給想去非州的你!

  • Fadi Atrash
    Fadi Atrash
    June Mon, 2016

    this has been what i call the trip of a lifetime , through Evans Adventure Safaris , my best friend and I were able to reach the roof top of Africa , enjoyed a two day Safari ( Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro ) and we absolutely had the time of our life , we re both from Jordan and it was our first trip to Tanzania , everything was taken care of , the staff was professional and extremely nice , Evans himself is a highly professional individual , their choice of accommodation was excellent , all in all i have nothing negative to say , its all positive and very well organized , from the moment u arrive till the moment u depart to your home country , thank Evans for making this possible and enjoyable ...... rgds Fadi Atrash

  • Grethe og Jarl Vegard Sortehaug
    June Mon, 2016

    Me and my wife have just returned from a 3 weeks wonderful holiday in Tanzania where we climbed Kilimanjaro, were on 3 day safari and ended with 5 lazy days down on Zanzibar. The whole trip was organized by Evans Adventure Safaris. When we chose our tour operator, we could not have been more fortunate with our choice. Evans is 100% serious and helped us with everything we asked for after we arrived in Tanzania. Even his father helped us to make sure that we were having a perfect stay with them. Ruta and Nelson who was our guides on the trip up to Kilmanjaro was professional, kind and very helpful. They were highly skilled in their jobs. Along with the rest of the crew (the porters), they made a perfect trip up Rongai route for us. Safari with Rodin as driver and guide was also a very memorable experience. Rodin has very good knowledge about wildlife and nature in the national parks. He is helpful, relaxy and take very good care of his clients. The holiday ended with 5 lazy days down on Zanzibar. If you are ever thinking about going down to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro or go on safari, we strongly recommend you to contact Evans Adventure Safaris. Evans and his crew are helpful, kind, proffesional and not at least a very good friend who just want their clients the very best. Evans: We wish you, your family and crew all the best. Smooth sailing and following winds. We’ll see you again someday. All our love from, Madam Grethe and the last Viking Jarl Vegard. Asante Sana smile

  • Artur
    June Mon, 2016

    Thank you Evans for the time of my life. I was with two of my friends on the top of Kili, also on a few days safari trip and we visited Zanzibar. Everything was organized very well. We are very, very happy and satisfied. You can trust Evans and you can be sure, that you will have great time in Africa. Really good service! Evans provide top quality. Greetings from Poland. Artur

  • Magnus and Therese Bae
    June Mon, 2016

    We were so lucky to spend the last days of 2015 and the first days of 2016 in beautiful Tanzania. We planned a long time ahead and had good communication with Evans all the way. He answered all our questions quickly and gave us good information. We were very excited for our 7-day Machame-route trekking to the summit of Kilimanjaro. Never before have we met so many smiling and helpful people! Our guides Gideon and Gabriel took very good care of us, and all of the porters went out of the way to make our trek as comfortable as possible. We have only positive things to say about each and everyone who made our Kilimanjaro-dream come true. We want to thank Gideon and Gabriel for taking care of us and learning us about Tanzanian-life and making sure we reached the summit, and thanks to Evans for the great service and for taking care of our trekkingbags when we were chilling in Zanzibar. Both the hike to Kilimanjaro and our trip to Zanzibar is an adventure we will never forget. Thank you, Evans Adventure for making out dream come true! We can truly recommend Evans Adventure to everybody who wants a well prepared and amazing visit to Tanzania. We will be back! Asante sana:-)

  • Marco, Italy
    Marco, Italy
    June Mon, 2016

    My friend Dennis and I did 1 week of Safari and 6 days Kili - Climb with Evans Adventure Safaris. We simply had two excellent weeks!
    Our guide on Safari, Rodin, was very professional and friendly, we got the chance to see a lot of animals and we also did a lot of stops for some birdwatching, in which I was particularly interested. All the places we stayed, camping and lodges were very good. Especially Lobo Campsite is a fantastic spot to camp.
    Our cook, Tobias, was also really good, he made fantastic soups indeed.
    The Kili - Climb on Machame Route, Camping was also absolutely unforgettable. We had such a nice group with two excellent and very professional guides and lovely porters. We all got to the summit, maybe also due to excellent food and our encouraging guides.
    Regarding Evans himself: He is a really friendly, hospitable and helpful person. He picked us up after both tours, shared with us dinners and was always there whenever we needed him. Absolutely no complaints!!
    I can highly recommend Evans Adv Safaris and in case I should return to Tanzania I would certainly contact Evans again.

    Thanks a lot for this great experience!
    All the best from Bolzano, Italy!
    Marco Z.

  • Larry Rueff
    Larry Rueff
    June Mon, 2016

    I took my wife and 3 daughters on a trip to the Serengeti with Evans Adventure Safaris and we had a great time! The places we stayed were very nice and the guide was great.We could not have had more fun and enjoyment or seen more than we did on this trip.This was my second time with Evans Adventure. Both experiences were great. The first time I climbed Kilimanjaro and that was also a well organized and fun trip to the top of Africa. I happily recommend them to anyone who wants to see east Africa up close and for a great price.

  • Camilla, Margrethe and Berit from Norway
    June Mon, 2016

    Thanks to Evans for organizing the Perfect trip in Tanzania! We booked a seven day hike to Kilimanjaro, the Rongai route, a two day safari in Ngorongoro, and six days on Mafia Island in february 2015. Everything was as planned, and Evans did everything to make sure we had a good time. He picked us up at the airport, checked up on us at the hotel, drove us around Moshi when we needed something, and joined us for all the transfers. We had the best crew on Our hike. The guides Erick and Juma made Our hike pleasant and they took really good care of us all the way to Uhuru Peak. The porters did a really good job, and their good mood made the atmosphere light and fun. Dickson made excellent Food, and Mugaya was an excellent waiter.
    We recommend Evans for everyone planning a trip to Tanzania!

  • Giorgiana
    June Mon, 2016

    Jon is very professional; quick resspnoe to all questions and emails, very clear communication, and excellent work with very quick turnaround. I plan to refer others to him. Thanks Jon.

  • Mazdak & Dalia
    Mazdak & Dalia
    June Mon, 2016

    Thanks Evans and & Rami for a trip of a life time. We book our trip with Evans as a Safari honeymoon trip, and what a trip it was. We first heard about Evans Adventure Safari after months of searching around the web for a good Safari company.
    The past reviews was really good so we contacted Evens for information about a potential trip (we did emailed 4 companys and Evens answers matched ours best). The replys from Evans was always quick and good. After emailing back and forth we booked our trip and payed the deposit. Paying the deposit is a a standard thing to do so dont worry, specially with Evans, he takes his business seriously.

    We arrived at Arusha and Evans was there himself to pick us up as he promised smile and took us to the very beautiful hotel. All the hotels we when to through out the trip was realllly amazing. They are all so diverse and beautiful. The views and spots they are located is just amazing. Every hotel got its own beautiful twist to it.

    Rami our drive was always at the right place at the right time, with really good English Rami explained everything from the animals, plants, and about Tanzanians history present and future. Thank you Rami for being a great guide and taking care of us and making sure that we always got the best view on the animals smile

    To summarize this all, Evan and his guides will take really good care of you, making sure you getting most of your trip. They are fully aware that this is once in a life time trip and makes sure that you get the most out of your trip. They do all of this for a great price without compromising on their cars/hotels. Trust me you want good quality car and a nice hotel to relax in.

    Thank you all and hope to see you soon.

    //Mazdak & Dalia

  • Andreas, Norway
    Andreas, Norway
    June Mon, 2016

    Would definitely recommend Evans Adventures!

    We had a great time climbing Kilimanjaro going the Lemosho route.
    We were delighted with the service Evans and his crew provided. Evans personally picked us up at the airport and throughout our stay made sure everything and everyone was ok. During our 7 day climb we were served excellent meals, had top equipment (tents and toilet etc.) and friendly and helpful crew. Our guides Rutta and Elsos lead us all safely to Uhuru peak. Evens himself met us at the bottom of the mountain, congratulated us and served cold Kilimanjaro beers that tasted amazing.  If you are looking for a local company who provides superb value for money, you can safely choose Evans!

    Thanks for a wonderful stay in Tanzania.
    Best regards,
    the six Norwegians!

  • Willem Heuseveldt, The Netherlands
    June Mon, 2016

    We booked a 9 days Tanzania Safari with Evans. It was great! Well organized, good contact by mail bevore.
    The guide Ruben was very good! Despite the rainseason, we had nice sunny weather. The nature is green and fresh and it is not crowdy because it is low-season!
    If you ever consider to make a safari, don’t hesitate, book Evans!
    I am sure i will make an other safari with Evans

  • Wilbert Craig
    Wilbert Craig
    June Mon, 2016

    Thanks Evans for making my first trip to the Africa such a wonderful adventure.  My two friends and I hiked Kilimanjaro using the Machame trail via the western breach.  Though not the most common route, our guides (Rutta and Erick), navigated it expertly.  Throughout our 7-day journey, the porters, equipment, and scheduling were all excellent.  Our prepared meals were also fantastic.  Thanks for making this such a memorable experience.

  • Sune Nanberg
    Sune Nanberg
    June Mon, 2016

    Thank you Evans. After a long planning process we finally meet! It has been many mails and phone calls to plan the 9 days safari. Everything work out perfect, the lodges was great, your drivers and guides where very skilled and gave us a wonderful and fun time. We made Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorogoro and Serengeti, many hours in the jeep but always fun. One of the great moments was the New year celebration at Kati Kati with good wine and singing and dancing staff! Thanks again and for sure see you again! Best regards Sune Nanberg with family.

  • Sandy
    June Mon, 2016

    I can only say that Evans is the way to go. My husband and I climbed Kilimanjaro In February 2013 climbing up the Lemosho Route in 8 days. We both made it. We were well taken care. Evans went out of his way to meet us, make us welcome, and show us around. This company is a true Tanzanian experience. Warm hospitality, trusting, very knowledgeable, reasonable, and very prompt and patient in answering all my questions. I would highly recommend them. Our guides, Deus and Rutta made really good decisions for us as we climbed as did our cook, Juma. I can’t say enough about our experience. We also went on a 3 day safari and once again were treated very well and felt right at home.

    June Wed. 2013

  • Rob Kok & Rob Flick
    Rob Kok & Rob Flick
    June Mon, 2016

    We (Rob & Rob from Amsterdam) had a fantastic five day trip to Uhuru Peak with Evans! After our successful trip to the top, I can only say that I don’t believe there is a better expedition than Evans! And as the other Rob puts it:
    “In three words; great, great and great!!
    Lovely people you can fully rely on, creating a very relaxed atmosphere. And this for very competitive prices. Send Evans a mail and you will discover what I mean. Enjoy! “

    February 2013

  • Nicolas J
    Nicolas J
    June Mon, 2016

    We booked a 7 day Machame Trail trip with Evans Adventures. From start to finish, it was an unforgettable experience. We were picked up at the airport by Evens himself and our guide for the coming days in a cool yellow van. Evans booked our first and last night at the beautiful Parkview Inn, a very comfortable and clean hotel in Moshi. Next day, we began the ascent with a very experienced guide. He gave us lots of information and advice from the first to the last day. We also had very qualitative equipment: a good isolated North Face tent, good sleeping mattresses and pillows and even a separate eating tent. We never had complaints about the food or it’s abundance. We had a friendly and helpful crew. The tents were always installed when we arrived at the next camp site. They made sure we got something to eat at camp arrival. They prepared basins with water to wash and they made sure you do not leave the next day without (boiled) water. On the final day of the ascent they even surprised us with a very appreciated bottle of Coca-Cola when reaching Stella Point on our way to Uhuru Peak.
    To sum up, Evans is a really reliable company with more than 10 years of experience in this business. We had a good feeling from the first email exchange before our trip until they dropped us off at the airport for the second part of our trip.

    Oh yes, one more thing, we both made it to the top!

  • Waldemar Czauderna
    Waldemar Czauderna
    June Mon, 2016

    Wir haben mit Evans Adventure tours den Tarangire, Manyara, die Serengeti und den Ngorogoro besucht. Die Organsation erfolgte von Deutschland aus. Evans ist absolut zuverlässig und perfekt in der Organisation. Comfort war unser Guide. Einen besseren hätten wir uns nicht vorstellen können. Dass wir Wildhunden begegnet sind, haben wir ihm zu verdanken. Unterkunftsauswahl: nur Lob. Danke Evans. Tansania ist großartig.

  • Ollie and the rhino boys
    June Mon, 2016

    Myself and 7 friends went on a trek up Kili with Evans. We were flying in from all over the world and Evans arranged for each of us to be met and looked after from the start. Two of the guys had their bags lost, so Evans sorted them out with some hire gear - then 4 days into the climb, a porter turned up with their bags! Evans had arranged for them to catch up, very impressive.
    On the climb, we were raising money for rhinos and had a massive rhino suit on. The guides were really helpful and looked after us to make sure it was all safe. We had loads of fun with the guides and the whole team was great, big ups too to the chef up the mountain!
    On the way out our flights were all staggered again and Evans arranged transport for each of us.

    We were all blown away by the organisation and service of the tour. Little things like Evans himself meeting us at the bottom of the mountain to congratulate us and he remembered everyone’s names!

    Great stuff.

    Ollie, New Zealand

  • Will Mowchan
    Will Mowchan
    June Mon, 2016

    Our guides Deus and Williamson were very knowledgeable, personable and always helpful. The rest of the crew were great as well. Excllent food and plenty of it! We made it to Uhuru. Thanks!

  • Anders
    June Mon, 2016

    We just wanted to say thank you for a great trip up Kilimanjaro. Please say hi to Deus, Elizeus, Godi, Djuma, Evans and all the guys from us.
    You all managed to make it a fantastic trip.

    Kind regards, Anders and the Flyboys

  • Johanna and Jussi
    Johanna and Jussi
    June Mon, 2016

    Thank you for your skilful and self-sacrificing guides! We enjoyed wonderful treks guided by your company. We trust you and would like to recommend your services for all tourists seeking right company to provide hiking or safari trips around Kilimanjaro!

  • Daniela,Elena,Giuseppe
    June Mon, 2016

    Thank you Evans, we had a beautiful holiday in Tanzania:our safari was very well organized and our trip in Tarangire,Lake Natron, Serengeti and Ngorongoro was unforgettable.Thank you also to Rubens ,our exceptional driver. Maybe we’ll come back to visit the parks in south…...and always with Evans.

  • Sara
    June Mon, 2016

    We booked our Safari with Evans a couple of months ago and we’ll remember this trip forever. Six days between Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro, wonderful lodges, such a kind and professional guide, Richard, always open to our requests and needs. We all hope to come back to Tanzania and, in that case, we would definitely choose Evans again, maybe for a Kilimanjaro climb… Who knows? Thanks a lot for this dream…
    Sara - Alessio - Alessandra - Tiziana

  • Shree
    June Mon, 2016

    We booked our Kilimanjaro trek with Evans and our expectations were surpassed at every turn. We had an issue with an airline losing one our bags at the start of the trip but Evans went above and beyond to make sure the bag made it up to the 1st night’s camp. He also provided an excellent pre departure briefing and furnished us with any equipment required at no extra cost. On the trek, all staff really went above and beyond with their levels of service and professionalism. Our guide (Rutta) was excellent and we felt safe and confident at all times with his leadership. We would highly recommend using this company for any trips planned in the region and we will certainly be using them again. All at very competitive prices too!!

  • Lynn Foulke
    Lynn Foulke
    June Mon, 2016

    Evans - thank you for your personal time and attention to our American group of 7.  We summited on June 11, 2011.  The experience was most incredible.  We felt very well cared for and very much enjoyed the company of all of our exceptional and delightful guides.  Rodin made sure that we were well informed and prepared for each day.  Rutta and Erick were wonderful in every way, very knowledgable, attentive and encouraging.  When we return, we certainly hope they will be available to guide us again.  Our food was excellent (our thanks and compliments to the cooks) and your company service superb.  When my boots were stolen when my mountain gear was shipped to Moshi - no problem, you made sure that I received new boots right away.  Thank you again.  We have recommended Evans Adventures to many people to whom we tell our story.

  • Geir Berentsen
    Geir Berentsen
    June Mon, 2016

    I would like to thank Evans and his crew (particulary his brother Rodin) who provided us with a wonderful adventure in Tanzania. The trip to Kilmanjaro was well planned and executed with a high standard regarding comfort, food and equipment. Moreover, we really enjoyed the company of our guides and the sherpas who brought us safely to Uhuru peak. Afterwards, we enjoyed one week on safari which also was well planned and unforgetable.

    Best regards, Geir

  • Naz
    June Mon, 2016

    Evans really took care of me after some last minute adjustments had to be made for our group’s trek up Kilimanjaro.  He was wonderfully supportive and his team accommodated my needs to make my trip to the summit unforgettable and very comfortable.  Great food, staff, and equipment!  I undoubtedly had the most experienced, caring, and well-versed in English mountain guide out of the other groups I saw on the mountain.

  • Martine Flatekval
    Martine Flatekval
    June Mon, 2016

    I would like to thank Evans Adventure and his team for the wonderful trip they organized for me and my friends to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. The service and hospitality was nothing but amazing and I warmly recomend him. We felt safe and comfortable all week thanks to experienced guides, and the whole group got to Uhuru peak with a smile on our face. Thank you!

  • Graham and Family
    Graham and Family
    January Mon, 2011

    We wanted to tell you our trip to Tanzania, Namibia, Botswana and Victoria Falls was fantastic!  All of your planning was great.  We had a super trip!  The Lodges was unbelievable! Thanks for a great trip.

  • Paiton Kerri
    Paiton Kerri
    January Mon, 2011

    I would like to extend our thankfulness and pleasure to Evans Adventure for the goodwill they gave to me. Your guide, Jackob was an expert on this safari, and punctual at all times.

  • John Huge
    John Huge
    January Mon, 2011

    The tour was well planned and worth beyond the money spent. I would definitely go with your company again! Everything was beyond our expectations ? game viewing, service, accommodations and hospitality. Thanks for a very well organized safari!’‘

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